Fermi Paradox

The Fermi Paradox is something I had thought about before even discovering that it had a name.  If there is so much alien life out there, then why haven’t we seen it?  There are a few possibilities.  In my opinion, the least likely is that we really are the only intelligent life in the entire universe, a seemingly outdated view of Earthling exceptionalism.

Another argument is that there probably is or has been intelligent life in the universe, but it destroys itself before achieving radio communication by exhausting its resources, warfare, or perhaps something more humorous like in the comic above.

Or maybe there are intelligent species out there that communicate in different ways that we haven’t even invented yet.

Or maybe they just haven’t decided to share their communications with us because they see all of the violence in our society.

Or maybe it’s because humans aren’t considered “intelligent” by alien standards.

Or maybe we’re alone (but I hope not.)


2 responses to “Fermi Paradox

  1. This post is really interesting. I’ve always been skeptical about life elsewhere in the Universe, but I also hope that I’m wrong. It would be really cool to find other life or be able to communicate with a different civilization. But it does seem odd that we haven’t found it yet. I also didn’t know that this kind of thinking had a name, but learning about the Fermi Paradox was really interesting. Cool post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree in that I hope the answer is not that we are alone in the Universe. After taking this class, I am only more optimistic that with a Universe so big and so diverse, we cannot possibly be the only ones out here. For all we know, other life forms have tried communicating with us and we aren’t advanced enough to even know about it yet!

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