Happy Earth Day, Things I Can Now Point Out

Happy Earth Day!

Hello all,

Since learning more about astronomy, I’ve noticed plenty of references to common misconceptions about our solar system, galaxy, and the universe in general.  This post contains a couple examples that I noticed today, Earth Day 2013.  In celebration of this year’s Earth Day, Google decided to make their google doodle an homage to our planet.  Unfortunately, I noticed that they got the moon cycle wrong… The doodle includes the Sun, which begins to move once you click the play button.  Upon setting, what rises but a beautiful waning crescent moon?  Just one problem: unfortunately, a waning crescent wouldn’t rise at sunset, but at just before sunrise.  Do your research next time, Google.

Another Mashable article that I saw in celebration of Earth Day is a funny little infographic example of Earth’s would-be facebook account.  Unfortunately, whoever made the infographic seems not to understand moon cycles either.  They, as you may see below, seem to think that the dark portion of the moon is Earth’s shadow, a fairly common mistake.  Apparently, more tech geeks need to brush up on their astronomy.


One response to “Happy Earth Day, Things I Can Now Point Out

  1. Colin this is a really funny post! I have to admit, without taking the astronomy class I would have probably made the same mistake as these tech junkies. But this was very observant of you to catch these mistakes. The cycles of the moon can be difficult at first, but once you understand the patterns between waxing and waning and between crescent and gibbous, you know the moons like clockwork. Please continue to post other examples of misconceptions of you come across any more, and I will do the same!

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